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Adjusting to Your New Job

Congratulations, you’ve landed an assignment—now what? Stepping into a new job can be awkward, not to mention, intimidating. The skills you display and precedent you set in your first few weeks will lay the foundation for your career with

50 Most Asked Job Interview Questions

"and How to answer them" 1. Tell me about yourself.Keep the answer job or skill related. 2. Tell me about your dream job.Don't mention a specific job. Say something generic like, "I want a job where I love the work and the

Make the Most of the Internet

In today’s competitive business world, employers are always looking for talent—like yours! and they’re increasingly searching the Internet and social media sources to find qualified applicants. So if you’re not online, promoting your

Increase Your Value

Do you ever wonder why some people are constantly on assignments—regardless of skills or experience—while others rarely get them? More times than not, the difference is how these people “market” themselves to clients while on jobs—and to

How to Ace Your Interview

You’ve heard the standard questions dozens of times but know that your answers haven’t always overwhelmed your interviewers. If everyone’s asking the same questions, how can job seekers provide answers that make them stand out from others?

Advance Preparation

Below are four key questions you MUST know how to answer persuasively in advance of any interview. This will not only give you the material needed to build a strong resume, but will help you maximize your interview potential and networking

Resume Tips

From presentation to content, there are many things to consider when building a successful resume. Employ the strategies below and it's quite possible your resume could end up atop the stack. Use a quality paper stock. Submit your